Athena Lilith Martin

American computer programmer trans girl (she/her) and builder of unusable tools and unnecessary systems.

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US Eastern time
Computers, simple/lean tech, books, space, free/libre/open source software

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Right here
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Mail (preferred) (changes from time to time to avoid spam; Microsoft and Gmail are known to be unreliable when talking to smaller email servers, so if you use one of them your message might not get through, or I might not be able to reply) (OpenPGP-signed or encrypted mail only, non-OpenPGP mail will be dropped)
XMPP instant messaging
ActivityPub (Mastodon-glitch)
Matrix instant messaging (reliability not guaranteed)
Twitter (deprecated)


Key fingerprints, and when relevant public key files, for different secure communication schemes.

8BB5 796B D419 0149 0628  F2C3 6574 1855 BC1E C984
F9B2FCF9 804EBBEA 6AFC4FEA 22C0F4C7  94CF3907 BF66BCF2 E0D7EEF2 64BC8A54
8A094524 895EB062 A6AD1CF0 123C8B91  EA196A91 A90F3C6E 614653AA F81FEA0C

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