For adults only
By Athena

For the prompt "dom priestess, sub goddess," which has been in my head for far too long.

This was incredibly undignified. Below me, so far below me it was unthinkable. The mere suggestion of such a thing would suffice to earn not just a smiting but a curse of generations upon generations from any god of the pantheon.

Of course, all that just made it better.

I panted like an animal from mere anticipation. I felt like I was on fire, barely able to focus on what was right in front of me, much less any notions of propriety. And all she was doing was undressing me.

Slowly. Teasingly.

Her fingers moved lazily, hovering the barest fraction above my skin, close enough to brush hairs and let me knew where they were but… I whined just slightly as she approached my neck and then turned away. She quirked a smile at the noise.

What, do You want something?

My breath hitched for an instant, before I somehow managed to summon up a tiny scrap of irritation, enough to speak. Breathily, I think I might-

An electrifying finger to my lips and a hush silenced me. No thoughts, she said simply. Just desires.

She gave me a meaningful look for several seconds. I shuddered. The finger was withdrawn.

Speak to Your faithful prophet. What do You want?

My tongue failed me, and an incomprehensible sound emerged. I tried again, barely audible. Touch me.

She grinned, somehow both warm and cruel. What do You say…? It is Your own Sixth Command, even…

Please touch me.

My most favored mortal, head of my temple, leaned in and drew a kiss from my lips. Soft lips, but with such force behind them. I couldn’t think, all I could do was pour everything into it. Energy snapped in the space that opened when she separated, and she hummed appreciatively. Excited?

I whined again, prompting a chuckle.

The rest of my clothes came off quickly. She looked almost mesmerized for an instant, herself still fully dressed in the ceremonial robes of the morning’s ritual, and a shade of pride for my form briefly surfaced in my want-addled mind. There She is, My Goddess… Tell me, Atera, what are You?

Why did she insist on making me speak so much? Yours. Any other answer would earn only frustration and I would give ultimately anyway.

She smiled. Good girl… Something inside me writhed, surfacing in twitches that drew her smile wider.

Lay back. I did.

Close your eyes. I did.

My breathing sped. Not knowing what she meant to-

The sensation shot through me, twitching everywhere again. It was just her breath, just one breath, but-

Her fingers came down, tracing, dancing around me with the lightest touches, and- For an instant I no longer knew what was happening, only that I wanted more. A keening cry emerged from my lips with a crackle of unfocused power, in an aura surrounding us both.

Another chuckle reached my ears. Open.

When I looked, I was overcome by the look on her face, tender but so owning. I twisted beneath her, my hips bucked, and a tinge of smile appeared on her as her fingers plunged inside me. And I was well and truly hers. I nearly screamed at the quite tame act, but she was doing it and that made it such an exquisite thing. I stared into her eyes, or tried to, and was lost.

I gasped and moaned and made sounds that defied description as she barely did anything.

Eventually my senses returned, I pulled my gaze back to her, and just a touch of my divinity surfaced. Her eyes widened slightly as my aura impressed what I was on her, and then I begged, voice thrumming with power but, like my face, drenched in desperation: More…

You make Yourself so sensitive for me… It’s adorable.


She grinned, leaning down. Of course, my Goddess…

Hers. The only thought in my mind.

Her fingers moved inside me, just so, and I cried out once more, and her mouth fell upon my breast and sucked, and then her tongue and her teeth, and I truly did scream.

It took time for the white replacing my vision to clear, but then an idea struck with such suddenness.

I knew of her desires, the ones she had once feared sinful. She had confessed them long ago, and the reassurance she heard then had no doubt led us here. And now there was nothing I wanted more than to be the other woman in her fantasies.

There was one, a simple thing, she had never fulfilled. A simple whim twisted my avatar just a touch, and a surprised squeak melted into a pleased hum as she drank from me. For myself, thought was banished once more as I dissolved again into squirming shrieks.

She gulped, and a wet pop announced as she released me. I managed to point both eyes the same way, then shuddered as her half-lidded gaze fell upon me. Delicious, she murmured, already returning her mouth to its place.

O Goddess… come apart for me. I achieved another fleeting moment of lucidity. A prayer. And in true faith, how-?

My throat closed around a sharp inhalation as her withheld thumb came up to its own special place, and she sucked again, and her fingers found all those spots and-

I perfectly fulfilled her prayer, and there was not a thing in my mind other than that flooding, rippling, quivering, scream-drawing feeling.

I came to still in her bed, feeling so wonderfully light. She grinned as my eyes opened. Enjoy that?

Mmh… Quite a bit. I returned a blissful smile and she leaned in, placing a gentle, affectionate kiss on my lips. A far cry from the passion she had ripped from me earlier.

I love You, Atera. My Goddess. A familiar warmness filled me.

I love you, Rachel, I answered. Ever moreso.

She quirked another grin. You like how I use my hands.

I managed to reach up and rest a hand on her cheek. I have seen deep into your soul. I love you. I will yet wed you.

She blushed deeply. I… Maybe…

There is plenty of time. I lowered my hand.

Hm. The future aside… She sighed, and then her grin was back again. Oh, how I wish You could see the things You do when You come.

I mirrored her blush. Ah, I-

It was like lightning, all around. And Your face… You’re so beautiful when You’re enjoying Yourself.

I blushed deeper. The way she talked about me, that blend of reverence and lust and casual affection…

With an effort I managed to summon some strength. And did you… enjoy yourself?


Mmh, well… I should still… reward my faithful, hm?

Her eyes widened and her flush began spreading as my power gripped her. Her breathing became heavier.

Ah, Atera, I… A small whimper escaped her, then grew into a breathy moan. I grinned as I looked up at her.

She stared as I lifted my hand, heaving breaths and whines, eyes locked on it. Goddess… Haa, yes!

I snapped my fingers and she went rigid, toppling sideways in screaming ecstasy.