Fiction writing

Here you can find some of my fiction writing. I've picked it up as a side thing, and gradually gotten better through practice. I have a hard time actually finishing anything, but when I do finish something I do try to publish it.

Original writing

The vast majority of my original writing is perpetually trapped in half-finished hell. Someday...

Fan fiction

I publish most of my fan fiction using my Archive of Our Own account to keep it behind the guard of the Organization for Transformative Works' specialized and funded legal team, but where I'm certain I trust the author not to get annoyed, I publish here.

Sexually explicit

For adults only

I mostly write these in an attempt to explore some dynamic I find particularly interesting, so don't expect top-tier erotica.

  • Inversion, written solely to meet the prompt "dom priestess, sub goddess" which had been floating around in my head for a long time...