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Athena Lilith Martin

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Programmingwave is now hosted on Microsoft Azure! This move was prompted by some (months-long) DNS issues, and also me just wanting to play with Azure. I'm using Azure's Web App Service at the F1 free tier, which limits disk space, bandwidth, and features, but not so much as to actually pose a problem for a site this small (~210 KB for the entire site).

I had a few issues at first getting my error pages working; Azure's web hosting runs Microsoft IIS as a backend, which is, to be honest, not the best web server. I spent several hours over multiple days trying to figure out how to configure custom error pages; I eventually discovered the thing I was doing wrong: using / instead of \. IIS apparently doesn't do /-\ translation like most Windows components. But anyway, I got everything working* and now this site is hosted for free!

*As of writing this post, I don't have DNS working yet; I'm just going to configure the registrar's hosted DNS solution and call it a finished move**.

**It turns out one of the feature restrictions on Azure web hosting is not being able to bind a custom domain name. I'll look for solutions, but in the mean time Programmingwave will be at